Thursday, April 26, 2012

In disguise

A quick improvisation with water colours. All the time I did it, I had the feeling, that this character is hiding something under the hat, robe and big beard. The tail hanging out suggest some mischievous but funny character. Maybe I'll reveal more of him some time.


This magical piece went to a very good friend. Though lacking any supernatural beings, the whole colour pallette and dramatic contrasts suggest fantasy art.

The thief

This is an older painting, which I at some point forgot. Still, it's of monster size with the height of some 150-160 cm's and it took me forever to finish it.

Going into details

Time works against the artist. I often balance between going into further details and finishing the painting. The compromise is decreasing the painting's size. This one is A4 size, painted on special painting paper which has a nice thin texture as well.

Based on a fairy tale by the brothers Grimm

Illustrations created for one of the stories by the brothers Grimm. Under them I included the poster of the Moscow exhibition, where the illustrations were presented.