Friday, November 26, 2010

Escape from the tumbling cave

I did this series of paintings to get to the Moscow CDH_2011 exhibition. I failed, but the outcome is four great new, huge paintings (all four works are 2x2 meters). I like big format, and doing those was very fun - basically locked myself into my studio for a week (yes, i did all those four paintings in just a week) and poured out some ides, that i've been carrying with me lately. The thing with painting is, that the ides cultivate. I did those works and got inspired with already new ides! So, basically, what has happened, is, that i've takes the tumbling cave series as a starting point and i'm building up a whole new series of works to be exhibited next year in several Estonian galleries.


So, where does the line between sculpture and painting run? Is that i use colour, that makes a painting? Or does the object's 3D qualities manifest it's sculptureness? What if i haven't used colour as colour but as material just like clay, gips, bronze? So, is it the intentsion or the visible qualities, that categorizes the work?
I like to work with space, but i call myself a painter. This work, Milliard, is from the 2008' series that was exhibited in Tallinn in Town Gallery. The painting has developed since, having the colours, which replaced the earlier black ash.

Valley of the Sleepless

Valley of the Sleepless is the third and final version of this painting, which i have been working with for half a year. There were several difficulties with the background, that i had to solve, when i came up with this very John Bauer-like dark mystic forest, which gave the foreground creatures enough room to breathe. In the near future i'm interested in doing a series of things, using the same kind of background forest Maybe i call them The Series of The Valley of The Sleepless, we'll see, I'm just thrilled with the connections, that this name makes in my mind.