Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Inspired by romantic nationalism

Another painting deeply inspired by the themes of romantic nationalism of late 19th century and early 20th. I dont have a name for it yet (it will probably come in the last minute before the next exhibition, i guess). I've been going through the brothers Grimm fairy tales and i also happened to see The Snow Queen animated film after so many years (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0050987/), both must have given me inspiration to do this piece. I think i will stick to this stylfe for some time.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kaitsevärvid in Võru Town Gallery

Some images from the exhibition, opened on the 14th of dec.

Home II

Second picture from my Home series which i plan to develope to a larger scale. Its no so much about who would live in such a place, but more about the inner world that's hidden inside everybody. This is the magical place, that we call home, as weird as it seems.

I just felt like painting

I opened my new exhibition called Kaitsevärvid the day before. So, when i woke up yesterday, having a coffee and reading a book...i felt like painting. So, this is the outcome. No deep meaning, no time wasted on sketches, just painting.
Ah, and i dont even have a name for this one yet, so go on and suggest something :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Escape from the tumbling cave

I did this series of paintings to get to the Moscow CDH_2011 exhibition. I failed, but the outcome is four great new, huge paintings (all four works are 2x2 meters). I like big format, and doing those was very fun - basically locked myself into my studio for a week (yes, i did all those four paintings in just a week) and poured out some ides, that i've been carrying with me lately. The thing with painting is, that the ides cultivate. I did those works and got inspired with already new ides! So, basically, what has happened, is, that i've takes the tumbling cave series as a starting point and i'm building up a whole new series of works to be exhibited next year in several Estonian galleries.


So, where does the line between sculpture and painting run? Is that i use colour, that makes a painting? Or does the object's 3D qualities manifest it's sculptureness? What if i haven't used colour as colour but as material just like clay, gips, bronze? So, is it the intentsion or the visible qualities, that categorizes the work?
I like to work with space, but i call myself a painter. This work, Milliard, is from the 2008' series that was exhibited in Tallinn in Town Gallery. The painting has developed since, having the colours, which replaced the earlier black ash.

Valley of the Sleepless

Valley of the Sleepless is the third and final version of this painting, which i have been working with for half a year. There were several difficulties with the background, that i had to solve, when i came up with this very John Bauer-like dark mystic forest, which gave the foreground creatures enough room to breathe. In the near future i'm interested in doing a series of things, using the same kind of background forest Maybe i call them The Series of The Valley of The Sleepless, we'll see, I'm just thrilled with the connections, that this name makes in my mind.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Administrator is one kind of a demiurge, also busy with the process of creation, only that in this painting i suggest the necessity of a right bodily movement, that would be important in the process of a ritual. For as we know, body takes part in rituals of shamans. Im twisting the myth suggesting that it is important which way you push a button to start an operation on a computer (hint in the hand drawings on the right). It might sound absurd, but i'm not the first person to play with this idea - try to remember the futuristic hologram computers from the movie Minority Report - the person using this device is more like doing some sort of modern dance rather than working with a machine. And afterwards i think it was Mac, who suggested that such computers should be developed. In a way the already are - both Mac and Windows 7 are trying to look more 3D. So, when i did this work, those were some of the ideas that run through my mind. enjoy.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Matrjoshka factory

Most people say it reminds them of Pink Floyd. Well, music is always part of my painting process, so...
When i painted this (2008), i was deeply influenced by the works of both Neo Rauch and Julian Schnabel - two amongst my favorite painters.
Oil on canvas, 2008, ca 100x120

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Quite a violent painting, if you look. Man already stepped out against the Machine in 18. century (the luddites), when the first electricity-consuming textile machines came to be. Today antimodernism fiction and technophobia have made their home in popculture resulting in movies like The Terminator, Matrix etc. not to mention the fear of the upcoming year of 2000 when people waited the crash of computers and prepared for the doomsday.

My painting has compassion for the machines. As one can see some computers in the left side of the painting, still having little red and green lights shining, hinting a soul behind the metal chest, while the humanoids, painted in the same colour as the rest of materia, hinting a lifeless nonaware action.

untitled monster

This work is done way back and i got my first leather jacket in exchange for this. Created ca 1998, so 12 years ago, even before i went to artschool.

The Three Trolls II

Nothing much to comment on this on - it's an arch image of mine, straight from the subconcious.

Before i went into painting the faces, i studied the work of legendary caricaturist Herluf Bidstrup.

acrylic on canvas, 90x140 cm, 2009

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


A painting inspired from the times of my philosophy studies, strongly connected with the rest of the myth, that i'm trying to put together.

Accordingly to the definition in the Platonic era (ca. 310-90BCE), the demiurge is the organizer of the universe, rather than the creator of the physical substratum.

On this one i'm trying to concentrate more on the creation rather than the creator itself. There is already a 'Demiurge II', which at the moment hangs in my Tallinn exhibition in Nord Gallery.

oli on canvas, ca 2007, ca 145x90 cm

Monday, May 24, 2010

Work for an auction

This is a work specially created for an upcoming auction, that will take place on the 27-th of may in Tartu's one of the finest restraunts. The works hanging in this restraunt have already got some media attention as some guests have found some of the works vulgar for an eating place (the topic of the auction is "Nude").

The painting is called "Coinfilcher" (2010, oil on canvas, ca 75x150 cm).

The first entry

So i'm creating this photoblog like do many other artists nowadays; among them several of my favorite ones. It's going to work as my homepage, so look out for paintings and other art soon to be displayed here.

It took about a year to actually go that far and do this blog as i am lazy and now i just promised my friends from Power Of Art camp, that i'll create one asap.

I hope it will become a place of friends/artists coming together, acknowledgeing each other and discussing art in it's variety.
This painting should give a slight idea of the work i'm doing. It's a fresh work, 2009 outcome, called "Unexpected meeting" (oil on canvas, size ca 100x120 cm). The idea came from my own experience as i roamed all kinds of places in my childhood, letting my imagination flow, as i played and it could easily happen, that you meet such a creature sitting on a treeroot, surrounded by miniature waterfalls and miniature forests.