Thursday, June 3, 2010


Administrator is one kind of a demiurge, also busy with the process of creation, only that in this painting i suggest the necessity of a right bodily movement, that would be important in the process of a ritual. For as we know, body takes part in rituals of shamans. Im twisting the myth suggesting that it is important which way you push a button to start an operation on a computer (hint in the hand drawings on the right). It might sound absurd, but i'm not the first person to play with this idea - try to remember the futuristic hologram computers from the movie Minority Report - the person using this device is more like doing some sort of modern dance rather than working with a machine. And afterwards i think it was Mac, who suggested that such computers should be developed. In a way the already are - both Mac and Windows 7 are trying to look more 3D. So, when i did this work, those were some of the ideas that run through my mind. enjoy.

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  1. This one is probably my favourite!
    Love everything about it.
    So good..