Monday, May 24, 2010

The first entry

So i'm creating this photoblog like do many other artists nowadays; among them several of my favorite ones. It's going to work as my homepage, so look out for paintings and other art soon to be displayed here.

It took about a year to actually go that far and do this blog as i am lazy and now i just promised my friends from Power Of Art camp, that i'll create one asap.

I hope it will become a place of friends/artists coming together, acknowledgeing each other and discussing art in it's variety.
This painting should give a slight idea of the work i'm doing. It's a fresh work, 2009 outcome, called "Unexpected meeting" (oil on canvas, size ca 100x120 cm). The idea came from my own experience as i roamed all kinds of places in my childhood, letting my imagination flow, as i played and it could easily happen, that you meet such a creature sitting on a treeroot, surrounded by miniature waterfalls and miniature forests.


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